Vanessa Hudgens ''loved'' her ''winter statement'' wardrobe in 'Second Act'.

The 30-year-old actress plays Zoe in the romantic comedy and stars opposite Jennifer Lopez, who pursues a corporate career and despite being a ''native Californian'', she liked the A/W layered looks she was styled in for the New York-set film.

Speaking to America's Marie Claire magazine, she said: ''Zoe's wardrobe was really nice. I love the winter layering - like the big winter coats with the thick scarves - I felt like they were such statements and so chic.

''I do like A/W fashion and I definitely enjoy seasons for short stints of time, but being a native Californian - I just want the sun the whole time. I mean, I've literally just been complaining about how I want it to be summer so that I can wear a dress.''

The brunette beauty also confessed that her favourite scene in the film was when she and co-star Jennifer Lopez were filming in Central Park because they shared a ''real life movie moment''.

Opening up about her favourite scene, she added: ''It is really random. There was one scene when we were walking through Central Park together around the big classic Central Park fountain while we were filming in New York.

''It was a walk and talk scene and at one point it literally felt like someone had turned on a massive fan and put leaves in front of it. There were just leaves blowing all around us. But no, it was just Mother Nature doing her thing.

''And I remember looking up at Jennifer and looking around at Central Park and all these leaves blowing and it was just one of those real life movie moments, which is so funny because it turned into a real life movie moment.''