Vanessa Hudgens has urged her fans to ''stay committed'' to achieving their goals.

The 28-year-old actress rose to fame after starring as Gabriella Montez in the Disney musical movie franchise 'High School Musical', and has said the best advice she would give to her younger fans who are still in school is to ''work hard'' and ''stay really dedicated'' in order to help reach their full potential.

Asked what she would tell her younger fans, Vanessa said: ''Work hard. I think that it's really easy nowadays to lose focus and have a short attention span. You have to stay really dedicated to your work and to growing and to learning. Stay committed!''

And the 'Powerless' star - who was 18 when the first 'High School Musical' movie premiered in 2006 - says her favourite teenage memory is getting to ride in a ''private jet'' with the cast of the movie, which also included Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa's then-boyfriend Zac Efron.

She said of her favourite memory: ''Flying around with the cast of ''High School Musical'' in a private jet. We were doing a press tour and it was so much fun. Ashley [Tisdale] and I were such girls, giggling and dancing around this jet. We thought we were ballers!''

Vanessa even credits 'Baywatch' star Zac as being her celebrity crush when she was in her teens.

Asked which star she had a crush on when she was younger, the brunette beauty admitted: ''Probably my boyfriend at the time. So Zac Efron!''

And whilst the 'Spring Breakers' star has met a wide variety of fellow celebrities throughout her career, she says she ''freaked out'' when she met Meryl Streep.

When asked by The Huffington Post if she's ever felt starstruck when meeting a celebrity, Vanessa said: ''[Yes]. Meryl Streep. I freaked out. We were both on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'. I went up to her and talked to her and she was so sweet ― exactly the woman I would want her to be. I love her.''