Following last week's harrowing episode, Renee Graziano was still struggling to pick up the pieces as 'Mob Wives' rolled back onto screens again last weekend on U.S. network VH1, the beleaguered gangster wife having been dealt a cruel hand the previous weekend when the two men closest to her were arrested by the police.
Previously on 'Mob Wives,' Graziano had seen her husband and mobster Hector Pagan turn himself into the police, only managing to avoid jail time after being wired and managing to get the dirt on none other than Graziano's father Anthony "TG" Graziano, sending him to prison instead. In an interview given on the incident - first filmed last November - the wife of Pagan had commented to Us Magazine "It literally felt like somebody broke my chest, took my heart and pulled it out of my body. Just horrible," said Graziano of the betrayal by her husband. "I trusted my life with Pagan."
Despite saying that she has now found forgiveness in that same interview, the latest episode on TV was obviously a much rawer affair, depicting the moment that Graziano first heard about her husband's betrayal. Drita D'Avanzo was the first to hear the rumors, telling Carla Facciolo that she'd read it in Gangland News. They then had the unenviable task of telling Graziano who, obviously, refused to believe them at first. In another heartbreaking scene though they managed to convince her and 'Mob Wives' signed off with Renee heartbroken once again.