The actress plays Willis' love interest in the video for the singer's Follow Through single - his first from his new album, Solo Man.

The track was released to U.S. radio stations on Friday (13Nov15), and the promo is already turning heads.

In the video, Willis sings to a lover, played by Givens, as she lounges on a bed, takes a bath and frolics on a beach.

The release of the single and video comes days after Willis signed a deal with A&E/Lifetime Television executives for a made-for-television movie based on his life as the lead singer of the Village People.

Talking to WENN about his comeback album, Willis says, "This album is a work of love which took over 35 years to bring to market. But it's finally here as contemporary R&B/soul enjoys a resurgence with artists like Sam Smith and Bruno Mars bringing the music to new heights and my new album fits right into that."