Victoria Beckham received a surprise gift from Kourtney Kardashian.

The famous pair struck up an unlikely friendship on social media a couple of years ago when the reality star copied the fashion icon's trademark leg-up yoga pose, and now the designer has revealed she received a box of goodies to promote the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' beauty's new lifestyle brand Poosh.

Revealing the exciting package - which was delivered with white roses - on her Instagram Story, Victoria said: ''So I have received this gift from Kourtney which is a huge box with these super pretty flowers.

''And inside the box there's lots of super nice things, monochrome pyjamas and an eye patch.''

The collection of items from the Poosh collection also came with a handwritten note from Kourney herself as she promoted her new website.

She wrote: ''Victoria!! So happy to be launching my new website Poosh and wanted to share with you some of my favourite goodies to help you live your best life! Love Kourtney.''

Earlier this month, the star revealed she wanted Poosh to be ''a place of discovery'' and said: ''It's a place of discovery. [It will be] curating a lifestyle that's very much the lifestyle that I lead.

''It's important to use my voice to share everything I've learned.''

But Kourtney insists she won't be projecting an image of perfection.

She said: ''It's all about living your best life and embracing the fact that it's not perfect.''

While a number of members of the reality star's family have launched their own product lines, Kourtney refused to say whether or not she'll be joining them.

Quizzed on the possibility, she simply said: ''I can't say.''