Viola Davis experienced ''middle-aged female joy'' when she got to bed Liam Neeson in 'Widows'.

The 53-year-old actress stars alongside the 66-year-old actor in the new thriller and she praised the movie for having a ''dark-skinned woman with her natural hair'' get intimate with a ''Caucasian hunk'', especially as they played married couple Harry and Veronica Rawlins.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It was ecstatic -- revelatory in so many ways.

''He's not my slave owner. I'm not a prostitute -- so he's not my john. And it's not meant to make a political statement. It's just meant to be.''

And Viola noted she had been cast despite her role not being written specifically for a black woman.

She said: ''It's written in a way that's way more human and way more realised [than many generic female roles].

''It's not a comedy and you're not at a slumber party.''

The film sees Viola's character team up with three other women, played by Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Erivo, for a heist their late husbands were originally due to stage and the actress believes the ''anxiety and chaos'' they go through before changing their lives is the same in real life.

She said: ''Women can only get back their ownership by busting out of societal norms and by being so-called bad.''

And Viola admitted she feels frustrated with the way many people still value good looks over other attributes.

She said: ''[What is helpful is] finding out what my value is beyond my age, my race and my desirability to men...

''You know, there's that line . . . 'She had so much going for her, because she was so beautiful.' And you just want to say, 'Did she have anything else going for her? Other than the fact she's beautiful?' ''

The Oscar-winning star is ''very proud'' of 'Fences'.

She said: ''I'm very proud of the experience I had making this film.''