Wayne Bridge is ''not sure'' if he wants more kids with Frankie Bridge because he would worry about having another one with ''the way the world is at the moment''.

The retired footballer - who has children Parker, four, and Carter, two, with his wife, and Jaydon Jean Claude, 11, with his ex Vanessa Perroncel - is currently against the idea of adding to his and Saturdays singer Frankie's brood, and while she ''hates'' being pregnant, the star would like another child.

Wayne told MailOnline: ''It's not easy, it is hard work, but it is the best thing in the world.

''One thing I have noticed about having kids, is all you do is worry about them. Worry how they're going to do in life, worry how they're getting on at school, worried when they fall over, worried when they get a cut, you just worry about them in general.

''How the way the world is at the moment ... so for me, today, if you asked me, I'm not sure to be honest. I've got enough worrying about the two, let alone a third.''

Frankie added: ''I hate being pregnant, but often I'm like, 'Oh, maybe we'll have another one.' Wayne is just like, 'No!' ''

However, Wayne's head could be turned because he has admitted another child ''might be something for the future'', and while 29-year-old Frankie has moments when she really wants to start trying for another baby, she also changes her mind ''on a regular basis''.

She said: ''They have their moments. For example, Carter fell over this morning when we were all walking into nursery and I turned around and Parker was wiping up Carter's hands and he kissed both of them for him.

''When I see stuff like that, I'm like, 'How could you not want another one? Imagine.' And when they see other babies, they love babies, and I'm like, 'See, they'd love another one.'

''But then, at the same time, they get on so well. Do I want to change that? I don't know, I change my mind on a regular basis.''

Wayne added: ''It might be something for the future.''

Frankie gave birth to her son Parker when she was just 25 years old, and ''always knew'' she was going to be a young mother.

She recently said: ''I always knew I wanted to be a young mum. I think I was lucky to achieve quite a few of my goals when I was quite young. Being a mum and having a family was one of them.

''I met Wayne at the right time. I'm lucky and the boys are awesome.''