We Have Band Return With New Album 'Movements' On 28th April 2014 Stream: 'Someone' [Listen]

We Have Band Return With New Album 'Movements' On 28th April 2014 Stream: 'Someone' [Listen]

We Have Band return this year with their third album MOVEMENTS, released on 28th April 2014, through Naive.

MOVEMENTS is 11 songs conceived in their East London basement studio, produced by band member Tom Wegg-Prosser with additional glitter added by Tim Goldsworthy (DFA Records, LCD Soundsystem, Unkle, Mo' Wax). It is music from the sweaty hearts of husband and wife Tom and Dede and band mate Darren Bancroft. 

New single 'Someone' will be released on 17th March 2014, available now via iTunes.

"The best bands bend.  They adjust and they sway.  They can drift towards or they can attack the sound that flows for them.  But they always move." 

WHB toured their previous releases intensely, but now it's about taking it back to the dance floor - the place that inspired them to make music together in the first place.

There was a simple rule when writing songs for this album: if they didn't make the band move at first conception, then they didn't make the cut.  The result is an A list of deadly, ruthless and energetic cuts - all refined, polished and turned to gold by the magical hands of producer/DJ/artist Tim Goldsworthy.

MOVEMENTS celebrates the sacred union of beat and lyric. When Darren sings on 'You Only', "Your movements stayed with me all day long, your mind was always on mine" it is the Moog line working with the vocal melody that stays with you. Dede's assertion on 'Burning On My Lips' that, "Standing in the line, first to lose my mind, don't tell me that it's wrong, this is where I belong" is delivered with a conviction that the kick drum stamps out with every pulse.  It is that repetitious, powerful mantra that makes MOVEMENTS a record impossible not to feel, impossible not to move to. The record that the band always set out to make.

1. Modulate
2. You Only
3. Look The Way We Are
4. Someone
5. Save Myself
6. No More Time
7. Burning On My Lips
8. Heart Jump
9. Please
10. Every Stone
11. Blue