Zombie-loving rockers Weezer will take over the Comic-Con International event in California in a celebration of The Walking Dead.

The band will attend the convention in San Diego, California to help mark the 10th anniversary of Robert Kirkman's popular zombie comics, which inspired the horror Tv series starring Andrew Lincoln.

Weezer will perform at a Walking Dead-themed party on Friday night (19Jul13), and they will also hand out special posters depicting themselves as zombies.

Bassist Scott Shriner insists he is a big fan of the zombie franchise, telling the Los Angeles Times, "Weezer doesn't exactly embody apocalyptic survival culture, but Weezer and Walking Dead both have thrived within indie subcultures and appeal to fans who float on the fringes... I got into the comics backward after the Tv show. I lost touch with the comic culture for a while and thank The Walking Dead... for reconnecting me with what was an important aspect of my younger, snarkier years."

He adds of Comic-Con, "It is the event to attend, and I have always wanted to be a part of it. My kid is running around the house in his Iron Man costume right now in preparation. We're gonna tear it up!"

Shriner also admits he is so pleased with Weezer's zombie poster, he wants to have the characters incorporated into body art: "I want to get the Weezer zombies tattooed on different parts of my body, but I can't figure out where to place the Rivers (Cuomo, frontman) tattoo."

Comic-Con International runs from 18 July (13) until 21 July (13).