Wendy Williams is more in control of her business affairs since splitting from Kevin Hunter.

The 54-year-old television presenter split from Kevin - who was her manager and an executive producer of her eponymously titled talk show - in April, and has now said that being single has allowed her to be more involved with her business decisions, as it used to be Kevin that would go to meetings on her behalf.

Speaking whilst on a panel at Black Enterprise's FWD Conference this week, she said: ''Now, the difference in my business is that it used to be Kev and the team show up and then Kev wouldn't bring me in until he knew, 'OK, the deal's done. Now it's time for you to meet the people.' Not now. I want to be in the first conversation of the deal and I want to be in every meeting until the deal is done. Now that's the way I roll.''

During the conference, Wendy also spoke about achieving success in her career, and claimed it isn't advisable to have kids when trying to build up an empire.

Wendy - who has 19-year-old son Kevin Jr. with her estranged spouse - is quoted by Page Six as saying: ''Shout out to all the parents, I'm a parent, too. But you've got to slow down on having these kids when you're 22, 23, 24. You use your 20s to be selfish for yourself, grow up, grow your business. ... kids are an obligation and that obligation will slow you down.''

The TV star's comments come after she revealed she is shutting down The Hunter Foundation, which she founded with Kevin in 2014 with the aim of giving support to people struggling with addiction.

Wendy announced on her eponymously titled talk show last month that The Hunter Foundation would no longer be operational, but added she ''remains committed to helping others in the struggles of life.''

The star then said she would be dedicated to ''other foundations,'' and put a major emphasis on ''other.''