Wilco, the Grammy-award winning country rock band, have returned with their eighth studio album 'The Whole Love', which hit shelves on Tuesday (27th September 2011). The record is awash with introspective lyrics - something frontman Jeff Tweedy claims are a product of him "getting well".
During an interview with the Toronto Sun, the once unpredictable singer was quizzed on whether therapy had influenced the record, to which he explained, "Well, if you talk to any addict or anybody who's had to maintain mood disorders, it's pretty much impossible to do that without help. Getting well requires that you learn", adding, "It took me years to realize that not everybody thinks about sh*t all the time like I do.. I guess the biggest difference for me is having some guidance and a healthier way of having that inclination and not being distracted by it". The band, who played a rain affected concert in Central Park on Friday evening, have developed a stable line-up for the first time in years. Tweedy suggests the group have a "deep appreciation" for each other's ability, adding, "that contributes enormously to how collaborative the arrangements are and where we're able to go with these songs.
The group are still best known for their seminal 2002 record 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot', which was initially rejected by Reprise Records, leading to the band being dismissed from the label. After signing to Nonesuch Records, the album was released and quickly became the group's biggest selling effort to date.