Will Ferrell loves to embarrass his children.

The 50-year-old actor has sons Magnus, 13, Mattias, 10, and Axel, seven, with his wife Viveca Paulin, and has said he loves to make his brood cringe by carrying out embarrassing pranks such as wearing nothing but his underwear to dinner.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the premiere of 'Daddy's Home 2' in London's Leicester Square on Thursday (16.11.17), Will said: ''Dads are always embarrassing on some level right? In terms of my own kids, as a dad I love to embarrass them constantly. If they have been mouthing off or something, I turn up at dinner wearing just my underpants to warn them.''

The star is always pulling pranks, and even admitted that on the set of the upcoming comedy movie - which is a sequel to the 2015 film 'Daddy's Home' - he had fun ''doing stupid bits'' with his co-stars, who include John Lithgow, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson.

When asked about the cast's bond off-screen, he said: ''It was great. Sometimes when you're shooting films, in between the long set ups everybody goes back to their trailer and keeps themselves to themselves, but this one we hung around the set all the time. And just shared stories, or we would just do stupid bits with each other, we just kinda wanted to hang around with each other. We didn't really want to leave each other's company, and that's always a sign that something special is happening.''

Meanwhile, although Will takes pleasure in being an embarrassing dad, he previously admitted being a father to three sons is similar to ''running a prison''.

He said: ''I can only imagine, but I sometimes equate it to what it must be like running a prison.

''What happens with three boys is you end up barking out orders like, 'Upstairs now!' 'Brush teeth!' 'Lights out!' There is so much chaos you can't really take the time to articulate.''