Will Gluck is to produce new comedy, 'Catfight'.

The 'Easy A' director has re-teamed with Screen Gems boss Clint Culpepper - with whom he collaborated with on the hit Emma Stone-starring comedy - for another female-skewed caper about an insecure high school student.

The film centres on a social outcast who manages to snag a scholarship to an elite private school and attempts to reinvent herself as one of the popular kids. The teen lands herself a boyfriend but things go awry when his ex-girlfriend returns from juvenile detention and challenges her to a fight after school.

The script was written by Amelie Gillette, whose previous credits include writing episodes of TV comedies 'The Office' and 'Animal Practice'.

Gluck is currently deep in preparation for his next movie - a remake of the cult musical 'Annie', which will star Oscar-nominated actress Quvzenzhane Wallis and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

The project is being produced by top Hollywood stars Will Smith and rapper Jay-Z.

Last week it was reported that another Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock, was circling a role in the movie, also.

Gluck is best known for directing 'Easy A' - which turned lead actress Emma Stone into a household name - and also directed Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in 'Friends with Benefits'.