Veteran film director William Friedkin has launched a blistering attack on EASY RIDERS AND RAGING BULLS writer PETER BISKIND - labelling his celebrated tome "idiotic".

The Exorcist film-maker is one of a number of Hollywood's most colourful characters to be examined in the book, which charts the major events in the film industry during the 1970s.

But Friedkin was left distinctly unimpressed by the stories of bad behaviour and drug excesses that litter the chronicle, because he says few of Biskind's subjects spoke to him directly.

He fumes, "The guy who wrote it was writing gossip. He is dealing in garbage and dirt, which I why I didn't talk to him.

"None of the other guys did either. He wrote the book from the ravings of ex-girlfriends, ex-wives. I know there are implications in the book that friends of mine were out of their minds on drugs.

"They may have experimented with drugs but to write about those film-makers as drug addicts is idiotic."

19/12/2003 13:05