Willow Smith ''might'' give up music to work in a supermarket.

The 18-year-old singer was just 10 years old when she released her first single 'Whip My Hair' and it seems she might be bored of life in the spotlight - but her mother Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't care what she does so long as she's happy.

Jada said: ''I'm really excited to see what Willow will do with her life, because she's 18 and she's so talented in so many different areas. She told me the other day, 'Mom, I might just be a checkout person at Whole Foods.'

''I said, 'You know what Willow, that'd be alright with me as long you're happy. I really couldn't care less.

''You could freaking disappear and get off the grid - as long as you're happy.' ''

However, it seems unlikely Willow will be stepping back any time soon as she's keen for her music to be ''all-inclusive'' and doesn't want to alienate men with her feminine energy''.

In a joint interview with Jada and her grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Willow told HarpersBazaar.com: ''I've had males come up to me and say, 'Female energy ... that really hit me.'

''Obviously, it's a very feminine energy that comes through my music, but I want it to be all-inclusive. I want men to feel welcome to come to that side as well.''

Willow - whose father is actor Will Smith - thinks the best way to rebel is by using ''vulnerability'' as ''power''.

She said: ''Obviously we're in a patriarchal society that looks down on vulnerability and looks down on emotion and looks down on femininity.

''The biggest rebellion is coming into your vulnerability and seeing that as a power. Once you get in touch with your emotions, you start to understand things in a whole other way.

''When you express what you feel needs to change, or what you feel is unfair or wrong, that's so important, but the real agent of change is when you embody the truth.''