Willow Smith refused to skydive for her dad Will Smith's birthday.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood star jumped out of a plane to celebrate turning 50 alongside his wife Jada Pinkett Smith - who overcame her own fears to take part as she was overcome with a ''rush of emotion'' over the milestone birthday - and son Jaden, 20, but he admitted his 18-year-old daughter didn't want to join in.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Will said: ''What it was it was my 50th birthday, you know she [Jada] was in this like real fit of emotion when she realised 'Oh man we've been together half our lives and I love you so much' and she committed.

'''She was like I'll do anything you want for your 50th birthday' and I was like 'Ah baby for real you don't have to do that' and she was like 'Anything you want' so I said I wanna go sky diving, she's like 'How is that what you want for your birthday?'

''So she agreed to it and the family agreed accept Willow, Willow was like no she was like 'I'm not jumping out no plane, happy birthday'.''

The 'Aladdin' star went on to explain that despite his ''mind attacking'' him before he took the plunge - he fought against the voice urging him not to do it and is glad he did because he had a ''spiritual experience'' while jumping.

He said: ''When I jumped I had like a spiritual experience when I walked up to the edge of that plane and you get attacked by your mind.

''It's like 'You stupid, you stupid' and it's screaming and you know that voice and that voice in our head and it's not always our friend and it was like 'You're a dumb man, you're a very dumb man' and when I jumped and it is the experience of pure bliss it's not falling it's flying.''

However, Jada, 47, didn't share in her husband's euphoria.

He added: ''So I'm telling Jada, 'You're gonna meet heaven when you're up there,' and she didn't.''