Rockers Wolfmother will play at Asia's largest music festival next month (Oct10) even though frontman Andrew Stockdale "freaked out" and threatened a cancellation when he discovered the gig is sponsored by a cigarette company.
A statement attributed to the singer and posted on a fan site claimed the band had scrapped plans to perform at the Java Rockin' Land festival in Jakarta, Indonesia over their opposition to an endorsement deal with tobacco firm Gudang Garam.
The Australian group's agent Joe Segreto has confirmed Stockdale wasn't happy when he found out about the sponsorship agreement, but they have decided to go ahead with the gig for the sake of their fans.
He tells Australia's Triple J radio show, "(The band's management) have pretty much confirmed Wolfmother will be performing. Andrew was freaked out but then having thought about his job as a performer... He does not endorse any tobacco company, any alcohol company, that's none of his business.
"That's the promoters that have made those arrangements and he doesn't want to let down his fans."
The festival runs from 8-10 October (10) and will also see performances from Smashing Pumpkins and The Vines.