Yoko Ono will wait until she is ''a little more normal'' before returning to work on her new album.

The 83-year-old singer-and-artist was hospitalised with flu in February, meaning recording on her upcoming 10-track LP was delayed.

And although she is now feeling much better, she still isn't ready to resume work.

She told Billboard magazine: ''That derailed the whole situation. Everything in my body is OK now, except I have a problem walking.

''I want to be a little more normal [before returning to the record].''

Yoko recently insisted she won't ever retire.

She said: ''I won't stop. No, I never think that. Artists are obsessive, they want to keep doing it. And I'm an artist. My sole interest is in creating something beautiful. When I say beautiful .... well, the maximum beauty can be ugly to some people.''

Yoko - who is the widow of the late Beatle legend John Lennon - picked up the NME Inspiration Award earlier this year and said she hopes her work continues to influence other artists.

She said: ''I want to keep on making music and art and keep on inspiring people. But I don't know what my fans take from what I do with my work and my website, I just keep dishing out things and I hope for the best, but I never know how people will react to what I do.''

And at the NME Awards, she admitted she was her own biggest inspiration.

She said: ''I am inspired by myself. It's so great to win this award, I'm so flattered.''