The country musician and his wife Kylie became first-time parents in October (16) when they welcomed daughter Hattie, and the new dad admits his life has been turned upside down.

"It is wild," he smiled to as he insisted he wouldn't have things any other way. "Crazy how much everything changes as soon as they arrive. I love it. I've never felt as close to nature and God as I do seeing this miracle happen with front-row seats."

Coy reveals fatherhood has inspired him to learn a few children's tunes to add to his performing repertoire, and he's been trying to impress his daughter with his guitar and singing skills ever since.

"I'm currently learning Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and What a Wonderful World on the guitar. I play those for her," he shared. "She can't talk yet, but I did pick up on a couple of grunts that sounded like she said that she likes my style and thinks I'm cool. So far, so good."

However, the star, who is also a children's book author, isn't planning to become a kids' songwriter anytime soon.

"Carlos Sosa, the saxophone player for Zac Brown Band, and I worked up two songs for When You're Feeling Sick (his third kids' book)," he explained. "They were a blast to work on. The songs are real upbeat and silly... They might be the only songs in the universe about being sick or that use the word 'poopy' as a lyric.

"I'm a blues guy at heart, so silly music isn't generally what I do. I'm a I'll-cry-as-my-guitar-gently-weeps kind of guy. But writing the tunes was a blast, and Carlos is the best."