Police officers in Palm Beach were called to the Four Seasons Hotel after employees noticed a suspicious vehicle in front of the building, and the cops arrested an unnamed man after they found more than 30 grams of cocaine in his possession.

They also raided a hotel room, where three guests were booked for cocaine and marijuana possession.

Sources told TMZ earlier this week (beg11Apr16) the Zac Brown Band frontman was reportedly one of nine people cops found in the hotel room, however Brown was not mentioned in the subsequent police report.

Now, Brown admits he was partying with the group at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach when the drug bust went down.

In a statement released on Friday (15Apr16), he writes: "My dad always said nothing good ever happens when you stay out late. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way last week, being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"I attended a private gathering at a Miami-area hotel and had only been there for a short time when police officers arrived and arrested two people in the room who had just showed up a few minutes before," Zac adds. "I did not know these people and had no idea that there were drugs in their possession."

Brown insists he co-operated with the authorities and confirmed he is not part "of any ongoing police investigation".

"Everyone is responsible for their actions, and I regret using poor judgment and putting myself in that position," he concludes. "I am focused on continuing to make great music for my fans, and on representing my family and community well with our philanthropic work.

"And next time I'll make sure to remember what my dad taught me."