Actor Zach Braff is making sure he gets to spend more time with girlfriend Mandy Moore on the set of hit hospital sitcom SCRUBS - because he got her a job on the show.

The pop star will reportedly appear on the series next season much to the delight of the cast and crew members.

Scrubs producer BILL LAWRENCE says, "I think we got Mandy Moore on the show. Zach is friends with her, so he got her to come on the show for fun.

"I'm hoping that I can get her to do a couple more shows. She said she'd do it, but nothing's ever definite in acting until someone signs on the dotted line. She's such a talented young lady, she can play whatever the hell she wants to."

Moore won't be the first star to appear on the show - Tara Reid, MATTHEW PERRY and Heather Graham has all joined the regulars in episodes of the quirky comedy.

19/07/2005 02:49