Zedd was starstruck when he first met Lady GaGa.

The 29-year-old producer has collaborated with Gaga several times - including on remixes of 'Born This Way' and 'Marry The Night', as well as on album tracks 'Donatella', 'Aura', 'Stache', and 'G.U.Y.' - but has said he was stunned the first time he got the chance to meet the singer, because he was still an ''up-and-coming producer'' at the time.

He said: ''As somebody like me back then, an up-and-coming producer living in Germany in my parents' basement making $20 a month, you would take any opportunity to speak to Lady Gaga.''

The 'Stay' hitmaker was nominated for three Grammy awards during the glitzy ceremony this weekend, and credits Gaga, 32, for opening up ''so many opportunities'' for him over the years, as well as teaching him that people are ''all the same'' regardless of fame.

Speaking to People magazine, he added: ''I think working on music with Lady Gaga, the most important lesson that I learned back then - because that was the biggest difference of the biggest superstar and literally the most unknown bedroom producer possible - was at the end of the day, we are all the same. We're all just people.''

Zedd and Gaga met on stage in 2011 after label chief Jimmy Iovine suggested they link up, and Zedd previously claimed the 'Million Reasons' singer ''immediately'' said she wanted him to produce her album.

He said: ''We had, like, one minute to talk, and it was onstage while everyone was taking pictures and being really loud. She just said, 'Let's make music.'

''My manager played [a song I had made] for her, and she immediately called Jimmy and said, 'I want this guy to produce my album.'''