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James Cameron's Confusing Masterpiece

James Cameron thinks 'Avatar' confuses people. The 55-year-old director, who helmed the ground-breaking 3-D sci-fi film starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, believes a lot of film fans find it complex because it contains romance...

'Sci-fi Geek' Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana used to dress like a "Sci-Fi geek".The 'Avatar' actress says she has always been in to fashion and used to experiment with her look while she was growing up. She said: "In high...

Are Cg Actors Really Actors?

Actors' worries over where digital technology may be taking them may have been reflected in the fact that while Avatar has been nominated for best picture by most leading film societies, critics groups, and union...

Saldana Dreams Of Evil Twin

AVATAR star ZOE SALDANA wishes she had an identical twin so she could exact revenge on sick criminals.The actress admits she would seek justice in the names of their victims, by punishing them in the...

Saldana Is New Face Of Avon

STAR TREK beauty ZOE SALDANA is joining REESE WITHERSPOON and JENNIFER HUDSON as the new face of make-up giant Avon.The actress will front the upcoming advertising campaign for the company's latest perfume Eternal Magic, as...

Zoe Saldana's Gender Confusion

Zoe Saldana thinks she should have been born a man. The 'Avatar' actress believes the simple way she dresses and her strong personality are not attributes traditionally associated with women.She said: "I have a very...

Zoe Saldana's Basic Training

James Cameron made the cast of his latest movie 'Avatar' live without modern comforts for three days while filming. Zoe Saldana, who plays the role of the alien Neytiri in the sci-fi film, said the...

Saldana: 'I'm A Sci-fi Geek'

AVATAR actress ZOE SALDANA is thrilled she is best known for her roles in sci-fi epics - because she's always considered herself a "geek".The stunning star shot to fame in J.J. Abram's Star Trek earlier...

Zoe Saldana Wants Imperfect Love

Zoe Saldana loves clumsy men.The 'Avatar' actress hates it when potential boyfriends hide their imperfections from her and would rather they were honest about their flaws.She said: "Be yourself. If you're accident prone, allow yourself...

Cameron Created Perfect Alien In Saldana

TITANIC director JAMES CAMERON is convinced lusty male film fans will fall in love with ZOE SALDANA as a 10-foot tall blue alien in his new movie AVATAR - because he has created the perfect...

Saldana: 'Star Trek Sex Scene Was Anything But Sexy'

ZOE SALDANA has ruined the romance of the much-hyped sex scene in the new STAR TREK film - she was "bloated and gassy" after a pizza feast. The actress' Uhura romances a young Captain Kirk, played...

Saldana Credits Mother With Star Trek Role

Actress ZOE SALDANA has credited her mother with landing her a role in STAR TREK - because she never would have accepted the part without her persuasion. The 30-year-old plays Uhura in the new prequel, taking...

Columbus Short Signs Up For Joel Silver Production

COLUMBUS SHORT has signed up for JOEL SILVER produced THE LOSERS, it has been revealed.The actor will play the role of Pooch in the movie which is based on the Vertigo comic book of the...

By on 20 April 2009

Avatar's Release Date Delayed

Fox have moved JAMES CAMERON's new movie AVATAR's release date back to December 18th 2009.That is the same pre-Christmas weekend on which TITANIC was released in 1997.So far Avatar is the only film scheduled for...

By on 12 December 2007

Pegg To Boldly Go

Simon Pegg is to play Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek re-invention, reports claim.The Hot Fuzz actor will begin filming the JJ Abrams movie next month, with a Christmas 2008 release date pencilled in by...

By on 12 October 2007

Nichelle Nichols Called To Consult New Lt. Uhura

Actress ZOE SALDANA is taking her much-coveted role as LT. UHURA in the upcoming STAR TREK prequel so seriously she has called on the 74-year-old who first created the part for advice. The Crossroads star...

Saldana To Play Trek's Uhura

ZOE SALDANA is to recreate NICHELLE NICHOLS' iconic LT. UHURA role in the upcoming J.J. ABRAMS STAR TREK epic. The New Jersey-born actress, who co-starred with Britney Spears in Crossroads and played Anna Maria in...

Orlando Troubled By Movie Car Damage

Actor ORLANDO BLOOM realised that producing movies isn't all it's cracked up to be when he was left wincing over a scene in his new movie HAVEN, in which his co-star kicks a car door....

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