Actress Zoe Saldana has always been confused by Christmas because she believes Jesus was born in March and Santa dresses too warmly for desert climates.

The Avatar star admits that her Christmases as a child in the Dominican Republic were very different to the ones she experiences in the U.S. - for a start, she had to wait until 7 January to open her gifts.

She explains, "You don't open presents on the 25th in the Dominican Republic; you have to wait until the 7th of January. You'd get to open more presents.

"And some people believe Baby Jesus was born in December and other people believe he was born in January, but in reality he was actually born in March.

"We didn't have the same calendar (back then)... Their year was shorter... They based their year on the moon positions, and it says that Jesus was born on this kind of moon position and that's based in March or April or something."

And she's also skeptical about Santa Claus: "He would have died of heat exhaustion... Look at that big red suit he wears; he would have never lasted in the Sahara... and, like, the freaking yards of beard that he has, he would have never lasted."

And she even grew up questioning the idea that Santa can deliver all the presents in one night: "It worried me... All of us at the same time? I was like, 'Would it really matter if I'm naughty? He might not even get to me'."