Zoe Saldana hates ''whiny'' women.

The 'Avatar' actress was raised by her mother after her father died in a car crash when she was nine and has always been taught to be a strong figure, so she has no time for girls who complain.

She told Flare magazine: ''Women who are very whiny annoy the f***ing crap out of me. It's impossible for my sisters and me to hold a conversation with a woman who is incompetent.

''It's one thing to be uncertain, a little insecure and scared, and another thing to be lazy.

''I can't deal with mediocrity and incompetence. And you see it in people's eyes.''

Zoe also talked about how traditional roles with the male as the breadwinner of the household are outdated.

She added: ''Women aren't wimpy. They don't complain all the time. They can open up jars! They can f***ing save the day! They can support their whole family.

''They can support their men. Half of my friends make more money than their male partners.''

Zoe - who this week told how she secretly married Marco Perego six months ago - admitted deep down inside she has a vulnerable side, a trait she shares with characters she has played.

She added: ''It's so funny: The characters I played in 'Columbiana' and 'Avatar', on the surface, there's what appears to be strength, but it's sugarcoating an immense vulnerability. I am tough, but I'm also a very vulnerable person. I trust everyone. For many years, I thought, I need to stop being this way, but no, I just need to learn from it.''