Russell Brand has been texting Zooey Deschanel, in the hope of meeting up with the New Girl actress, according to the Daily Mail. Brand filed for divorce from the pop singer Katy Perry just three days after Zooey Deschanel filed court papers for her own divorce from Death Cab For Cutie frontman Gibbard. The Daily Mail describes Deschanel as being "the spitting image" of Katy Perry, suggesting that he "most certainly has a type."
The 36 year-old British comedian is said to be keen to meet up with the She and Him singer and has apparently been sending "funny, flirty texts." A source who knows Russell is quoted as saying that Brand "thinks she's hysterically funny and cute, too. He loves her quirky sense of humor, and thinks they'd be great together both on-and off-screen" suggesting that he may be interested in working with her in a professional capacity as well. Zooey is reportedly in no rush to start up a new relationship following the breakdown of her marriage.
Zooey Deschanel has become something of a household name, following the success of her sitcom, New Girl, which is a hit, both in the UK and the US. The show stars Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson, as well as Deschanel with the lead role. Russell Brand is set to appear in the 2012 release of Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin. Brand plays the role of Lonnie, the narrator of the story.