Zooey Deschanel imagined a ''bittersweet'' ending to 'New Girl'.

The 38-year-old actress has played the role of Jess Day on the Fox sitcom since 2011, and Zooey has admitted to being slightly surprised by the finale, which featured a flash-forward of the loftmates playing True American with their kids.

Zooey - whose character also married her on-off boyfriend Nick Miller - explained: '''I liked it. I thought there was another version that could've been a little bit more dark - not like dark, horrible, but it was always kind of like, do Nick and Jess end up together?''

The brunette beauty revealed she imagined an alternative storyline in which her character's romance didn't work out.

Speaking to Deadline, Zooey shared: ''I thought there could've been a version where they don't, and it's more bittersweet.

''But I love this version, too. It's more in the realm of the romantic comedy that I think this show really probably is at its heart.''

However, Zooey admitted she's still not sure where Jess will eventually end up in her life - and she considers that to be one of the charms of the finale.

She said: ''I don't know where they'll end up. Part of the fun thing is that people get to imagine that, you know?''

Zooey has gone through various landmarks in her own life, including having a baby boy and a baby girl with her husband Jacob Pechenik, while she's starred in 'New Girl', and so she's found it hard to say goodbye to the show.

She explained: ''It's kind of like high school, where it's this thing that has been a constant in my life for seven years.

''It's been with me [as] I got married, I had two kids, and all these people, I've become close with - the cast and the crew.

''It's been kind of like the centre of my life for so long, so it's really important for me, personally as well as professionally.''