The star has been locked in a legal battle with executives at Seven Summits Pictures & Management since last year (15), when they filed a lawsuit claiming they were owed a portion of Deschanel's earnings from projects including her website,, TV show New Girl and a modelling campaign.

They claimed they represented the actress from 1996 until 2013 and are entitled to 10 per cent of her earnings.

The 36-year-old shot back by filing a complaint with officials at the California Labor Commissioner, alleging they had been acting as unlicensed agents, but she subsequently dismissed the legal filing.

However, she is now moving forward with a new complaint over the alleged dressing room incident that happened while she was on tour with her group She & Him.

"(Seven Summits partner Sarah) Jackson brought the two strangers in the dressing room (for a meeting) to help further (the manager's) career and to potentially generate revenue for (the firm)," the complaint filed in Los Angeles last week (ends04Dec16) reads.

Deschanel is also claiming the agents' written agreement is not valid because it is not her signature on the paperwork.

The actress is requesting the agents give up the commissions from January, 2013 and also a declaration stating the Seven Summits bosses are not entitled to collect commission on her earnings or investments, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

An attorney for the company is slamming Deschanel's claims and requests.

"This is just another attempt by Ms. Deschanel to muddy the waters and not to pay the commissions owed," Seven Summits attorney Kenneth Freundlich tells the publication. "We intend to vigorously litigate against this cross-complaint."