Review of Us And The Night Album by 3 Doors Down

Mississippi quintet 3 Doors Down have reportedly sold over 20 million records, an impressive figure by any standards.  After a five year hiatus, they are now releasing their sixth studio album and the popularity of the band is indicated by a touring schedule that stretches comfortably into the summer.

3 Doors Down Us And The Night Album

When you've been away for half a decade, making the audience take notice with your opening salvo can only be a good thing.  It is what is achieved by the screeching guitars and gang vocals of 'The Broken', which can comfortably be described as a rallying cry, while 'In The Dark' is anthemic rock with a funky riff.  Remarkably they keep the energy and crucially enthusiasm through the majority of this collection - 'Believe It', 'Love Is A Lie' and the title track are just some of the other fine efforts - though let's not pretend that is anything other than MOR with leanings toward alt-rock.  Occasionally the pace and tone is lowered, most notably with the country-tinged 'Pieces Of Me', but rarely does a record in this genre maintain interest and enjoyment in the manner of 'Us And The Night'.  Perhaps the result of rest and a break from the usual album-tour-album cycle, this is a strong listen if the likes of Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls or Lifehouse are to your taste.