3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts has quit the rock group due to health problems.
The musician decided to step down after the band's hectic touring schedule began to exacerbate a pre-existing condition, named only as "health and circulation problems" in a post on the group's official website.
The message reads, "The group, which now consists of Brad Arnold, Todd Harrell, Chris Henderson on guitar and Greg Upchurch on drums considers themselves as family and this split is an amicable one. Over the past few years, (Matt) Roberts has unfortunately, dealt with health and circulation problems and those issues have only been exacerbated by performing nearly 300 dates each year with the band."
Roberts adds, "3 Doors Down will always have a special place in my heart and it saddens me to take this time off. But my health has to be my first priority."
However, singer Arnold insists Roberts will be welcome to rejoin the group as soon as his health improves: "Matt is our brother and he will always be a part of this band and he will always be welcomed back with open arms."
The group is currently touring the U.S. with ZZ Top and country star Gretchen Wilson.