30 Seconds To Mars - Leeds Refectory Live Review

30 Seconds to Mars
Leeds Refectory
30 January 2008
Live Review

30 Seconds to Mars

One of the surprise stories of the last 12 months, many thought that Jared Leto’s music project would be nothing more than an ego trip that followed in the footsteps of Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar. Far from being the case, their second album has been a commercial success and following on from this sold out tour, they were recently announced as headliners of 2008’s Give It A Name event.

Hidden behind a white sheet, the band’s silhouettes tease the audience into frenzy before finally revealing the quartet as they begin with ‘Battle Of One’ and ‘Saviour’. Leto’s vocals impress, replicating the studio sound well enough, though at times it seems his microphone volume could do with being a bit higher. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter when the entire audience is belting back every lyric, as they do to single ‘From Yesterday’, which coincides with the first major demonstration of a lighting system more usually found on arena tours. A strong middle section of the set includes ‘The Story’, ‘A Beautiful Lie’ and ‘The Kill’, which is greatly received, before a storming rendition of ‘Attack’ has those in attendance moshing uncontrollably.

Beginning the encore as a solo, ‘Was It A Dream’ is a surprise highlight of the evening, and Leto responds to being called a sexy bastard with a light-hearted ‘fuck you’, though his mock accent is more Irish than anything English. As an example of his thespian skills, it is perhaps lucky for him professionally that his band is enjoying such success! Rejoined by his band mates, ‘The Fantasy’ ends the show in energetic fashion, with Leto encouraging everyone to do whatever they want to have fun, and he himself seems to enjoy jumping and spinning around the stage. With all doubts about 30STM erased, the next 12 months could be very exciting times for the band.

Alex Lai

Official Site - http://www.thirtysecondstomars.com