30 Seconds to Mars - Hammersmith Apollo, London Live Review

Tonight there was no stopping the alliance that is '30 Seconds to Mars.' With 2 sold out nights at the Hammersmith Apollo from a band that burst onto the scene in 2002, it is safe to say that until their Radio 1 live lounge cover of 'Stronger' and recent chart entry with 'From Yesterday' the band were relatively unknown over here... 

30 Seconds to Mars

It's easy to be cynical from the outset and declare that the only reason people are here is to see Jared Leto, which certainly seems apparent from the amount of women and girls in the foyer, however within minutes of the opening chords of 'The Kill,' teamed the impressive light show and the visible synergy of the band, it was clear to see that the success of '30 Seconds to mars stems from well beyond their frontman.

Leto already has fame, fortune, international recognition and success, but this fades into insignificance because he sounds astounding. There's not even any point in trying to draw obvious comparisons with other bands; Nickleback, My Chemical Romance and The Used being the most frequently used, as you simply cannot fault Jared Leto's voice. It was clear from the first note that his enthusiasm and the sheer emotion and substance in every single song, simply enforces the creative concept of the band. The new album 'A Beautiful Lie' was played in a reverse sequence from 'Hunter' to 'Attack' and it worked because the audience were captivated. Breaking with 'A Beautiful Lie' and closing with the beautifully anthemic acoustic version of 'A Modern Myth' it was clear that the carefully crafted Marketing strategy behind cultivating the bands large and loyal fan base 'Echelon,' has worked. Aside from being a song on the self-titled debut album, the Latin metaphor 'Echelon' that has a literal meaning of 'launch forth into the deep' or 'reach for the heights,' is illustrated in the symbols that adorn the bands album covers, merchandise and sides of the sparsely dressed stage.

The interludes and the set were too long, people began to leave to wards the end as Leto proclaimed 'this is our show we'll do whatever the f*ck we want,' and the fact that the bands front man was constantly being showered in roses and looked somewhat like a cross between a Disney prince at a masquerade ball and a show pony, slightly detracted from the music, the reason why 30 seconds to mars stand before us but to some fans it was as if the band was their salvation. It's anthemic, powerful, progressive rock, It's emo and it's really impressive. For 30 seconds to mars, mission accomplished.

Sophie Epstone

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