Befitting for a band named Thirty Seconds to Mars the new single for Jared Leto’s band was premiered from Space today, the radio station KROQ have reported. The track, entitled ‘Up in the Air’ – another befitting title – was debuted in space and Jared spoke to KROQ hosts Kevin & Bean from Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. He explained “My brother and I, our grandfather was in the Air Force and FAA so aviation was always a big part of our lives… We used to come visit him in Houston and always used to drive by NASA, so there’s a bit of a history there.”

The Mayor of the City Of Houston, Annise Parker must be a fan of rock music, too, because the day was also marked today Thirty Seconds of Mars Day, Jared told the KROQ hosts “We thought it’s a great beginning to a long conversation that we’re going to be having with this album,” talking about their forthcoming single Up In The Air, which precedes the band’s next long-player. “This album is a completely new direction. It’s more than even an evolution, it’s a brand new beginning. It also feels like it could have been something off our first album in a way.”

The new album will be entitled Love Lust Faith + Dreams and features artwork by Damien Hirst, from his Spot Painting series. 

Jared Leto
Thirty Seconds To Mars debuted their forthcoming single from space