Whether you think they're pop punk, pop rock, or a straight up boy band, the fact of the matter is: 5 Seconds of Summer has arrived, and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless of genre, they're smashing records in multiple countries with catchy songs featuring guitars, and you rarely see that anymore. What these four kids have accomplished since the success of their hit single 'She Looks So Perfect' a few months back has been nothing short of impressive, and it's only going to get bigger from here with their self titled debut album.

5 Seconds of Summer
Are 5 Seconds of Summer just a one hit wonder? [Photo: Getty Images, credit: Tim Whitby]

5 Seconds of Summer dropped their record in Australia on June 27, and even though the United States will have to wait until July 22 to get their hands on it, the songs released thus far have been a great representation of the album as a whole. Filled with high energy anthems and a mix of those pop punk, pop rock, and straight up boy band tendencies allow the record to hold a place in your summer playlist all season long. If you're struggling to figure out which tracks to include on it, we've got you covered.

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'Kiss Me Kiss Me'

'Kiss Me Kiss Me' feels like it's a song by more than just 5 Seconds of Summer. Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of pop rock band All Time Low, co-wrote the track with the group along with producer John Feldmann, and it sounds like it came straight out of Gaskarth's demo pile. But, no worries: it's a good thing. It's big, addicting, and everything you'd want to hear in what acts as one of the band's more punkier songs that you'll find on the album.

'Everything I Didn't Say'

Arguably the catchiest track on an album filled with sugary foot stompers is 'Everything I Didn't Say.' It almost seems like the song that could put 'She Looks So Perfect' to shame success wise with its soft spoken verses that lead up to an exploding chorus. The "whoa-oh's" are accessible enough and lead into a bridge that would even make their pals in One Direction jealous.

5 Seconds of Summer5 Seconds of Summer did everything right on their debut album [Photo: Getty Images, credit: Ethan Miller]


While 'Greenlight' technically isn't an album track, it still deserves a mention as one of the record's best. It's one of the many bonus tracks that the album has, featured on the deluxe edition found on iTunes. Though the song doesn't stray far from 5 Seconds of Summer's winning formula, it was written with the help of James Bourne, better known as one of the masterminds behind UK boy band Busted. Bourne's influence on the track is clear as day, and anyone that has heard a Busted song before knows exactly why 'Greenlight' is special.

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There's a downside when it comes to mindless pop, and it's definitely lyrical content. On the song '18,' it's got the worst lines you'll run into by far, sporting stuff like "She’s got a naughty tattoo in a place that I want to get to, but my mom still drives me to school." Luckily, it's easy to ignore, because the song itself is a pop smash and one of the album's standouts. Even if you find yourself cringing out of your skin.

5 Seconds of Summer Billboard5 Seconds of Summer performing at the Billboard Awards 2014 [Photo: Getty Images, credit: Ethan Miller[


'Amnesia' takes a page out of the handbook of Midnight Memories with a ballad that leans more toward adult contemporary as opposed to whiny pop that it could have been. A writing credit from Good Charlotte's Madden brothers gives it an interesting twist, and it's easily the most unique track on the record. For those that just aren't feeling what's coming from 5 Seconds of Summer's catalog, 'Amnesia' might be for you.