5 Seconds of Summer’s breakout single, ‘She Looks So Perfect,’ wasted no time zooming to the top of the charts worldwide. The track hit number one in four countries and even made an impact in the United States, where it’s currently sitting at number 19 on the Top 40 charts. They aren’t showing any signs of slowing down either, as their full-length debut album is set for release on June 27. Although regularly touted as the “Next Big Thing,” it’s a title that’s no longer suitable for this Australian pop-rock group. 5 Seconds of Summer has already become a big thing. A very big thing.

5SOS Brit Awards5 Seconds of Summer's New Album Is Out June 27

The band’s She Looks So Perfect EP was released in late March and saw instant success, as it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts selling 143,000 copies. It’s a feat that’s almost unprecedented in the region, as bands with similar sounds have rarely come close to those numbers. All Time Low, the popular pop-rock outfit that 5SOS actually take influence from, has only had their highest debut reach #4 on the charts, as their 2009 effort, Nothing Personal, sold 63,000 copies. Even more notable is that the 5SOS guys have collaborated with All Time Low vocalist Alex Gaskarth, and they’ve got the track, ‘Disconnected,’ to show for it (included on the ‘She Looks So Perfect’ CD single -- not EP).

So what is it about 5 Seconds of Summer that have caused them to explode, while other pop groups that have been around longer are straggling behind? Well, for one, the guys are kind of hot, and they’re also kind of BFFs with One Direction. After opening for 1D’s Take Me Home tour last year, it was game over. Their songs are pretty fantastic too. ‘Heartache on the Big Screen’ is damn near masterful, while the newly released ‘Don’t Stop’ is one of their catchiest songs yet. Despite having this pseudo-pop-punk charm to them, the guys are a boy band through and through, and that probably makes their crossover appeal that much easier to digest. 5 Seconds of Summer are made well enough to open for One Direction across the world and have a band like All Time Low open for them on their own headlining tour (which I’m sure is very near on the horizon) -- and it all manages to make perfect sense.

5SOS ConcertWill 5 Seconds of Summer's album be another chart-topper?

According to Billboard, 5 Seconds of Summer’s debut self-titled full-length is scheduled for release on June 27, including ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Don’t Stop,’ but a week before, we’ll see the Don’t Stop EP, which will include the title track and three songs that won’t make the album. The upcoming record itself contains 12 tracks and four extra on the deluxe edition, and some of the songwriters and producers included on the record feature John Feldmann, the Madden Brothers (from Good Charlotte), and McBusted’s James Bourne. If the two singles released thus far is a hint as to what to expect from the album, you can bet that 5 Seconds of Summer are going to find themselves selling a couple hundred thousand copies again, and maybe getting themselves a #1 spot on Billboard, too.

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