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50 Cent The Massacre Shady - Alum Review

50 Cent

The Massacre


His debut album was illegally downloaded 350,00 times before the album was released. Because of that they had to release his debut album a week earlier than they wanted and even with those downloads he still sold 970,000 albums on its first week Stateside. When I interviewed 50 and asked did he feel resentful that someone had put it up to be downloaded. He replied “NO, you are not telling me that the majority of the people didn’t go out and buy that album

50 Cent  The Massacre  Shady - Alum Review

when it hit the streets”. Well this time Dre, Eminem and the record label were a lot more careful that the product didn’t get leaked. One wonders were they involved and was it an internet scam to blow up the album, after all rumour has it Em had done it before. The second album is as fierce and as hard as the first album from the opening intro. 50 is one of the real kings of rhyme slayers and yes he should be held in the same light as Snoop, Pac, Biggie, Nas, Redman, Jay Z and KRS One, he is different but just as influential, powerful and tight. But every bit as strong as the flow from his mouth is the phenomenal production on his album. The highlights on this album are the dope as f**k “In My Hood”, the haunting “I’m Supposed To Die Tonight” is stunning, the amazing single “candy Shop” that has more b-line than a max power convention I kid you not, the Hi Tek produced “Ryder Music”, the New York and east coast street single “Disco Inferno”, the Scott Torch produced tracks “Just A Lil Bit” and “Build You Up” that features Jamie Fox (star of the Ray movie) on vocals. There are two killer cuts in the last three track the Olivia featured “So Amazing” lives up to its title and is am odds on bet for a future single and the remix of Game’s “Hate It Or Love It” featuring G Unit a future monster hit we think.


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