Well, this is awkward. At yesterday's (Feb 24) Daytona 500 race rapper 50 Cent was given the cold shoulder by Fox Sport correspondent Erin Andrew after the 'In Da Club' hit-maker tried to swoop in for a kiss.

Andrews was scouring the pits for speedracer Danica Patrick after the driver had competed in her first ever Daytona 500, but whilst she was looking for the speed queen she coincidentally bumped into Fiddy, and thats when things got a whole lot more awkward (and hilarious).

The rapper immediately went in for a smooch when he was found lurking, but luckily Andrews was too quick for him and managed to get away with just a peck on the cheek. The presenter politely asked him what he was doing there, to which he responded 'I'm enjoying myself, I'm enjoying all the festivities.' Whilst he was answering the question towards the camera, Andrews saw her moment to escape and she made a dash to the side to hopefully find Danica at last, only to end up being trailed by the rap star.

Fiddy went to Twitter after the whole debacle to explain himself, posting: 'Hey I wanted to kiss her so I did.' Well, there's no harm in telling the truth is there, and he does have a point - who wouldn't want a kiss from Erin Andrews?

Watch the awkward moment below.