Video footage of that awkward-as-hell kiss between 50 Cent, Erin Andrews has made its way online, prompting 50 Cent to defend himself on Twitter by saying “Hey I wanted to kiss her so I did.” Someone needs to tell Fiddy that that isn’t really how it works, but in the meantime, it’s worth checking out the biggest car-crash moment of Saturday’s Daytona 500, courtesy of the rapper and FOX’s sports reporter Erin Andrews.

As Erin made her way through the crowds, desperately trying to locate the driver Danica Patrick, she spotted 50 Cent in amongst the throng. Danica Patrick had made history by becoming the first female driver to win a Sprint Cup series pole and finished eighth overall, against all expectations. 50 Cent was just… there. Watching. Nonetheless, when Erin pointed him out to the crowd, 50 Cent decided to go in for a kiss, on camera. Right in the middle of all the actin. What ensued was a cringe-worthy battle of wills as Fiddy tried to plant a kiss on Andrews’ lips, as she desperately tried to dodge that outcome. 50 Cent failed to land the kiss on her mouth and seemed to settle for “ok, anywhere on her head will do,” and managed an awkward peck on the cheek.

As Erin headed off into the crowd to locate Danica Patrick, 50 Cent followed her. Now, in amongst the hustle and bustle of the crowd at the Daytona 500, it was hard to hear everything that Andrews said… but we’re pretty sure she didn’t invite Fiddy to follow her. Creepy, Fiddy. Pretty creepy. And did we mention ‘awkward?’ 


50 Cent

50 Cent... he wanted to kiss Erin Andrews... so he did.