50 Cent has claimed 'Street King Immortal' is just ''as thrilling'' as his highly acclaimed debut record 'Get Rich or Die Tryin''.

The influential hip hop star is currently working hard on his long awaited sixth studio album - with the 15th anniversary of his first LP ready to be celebrated this year - and he has revealed his confidence in the new tracks.

Speaking to The New York Times about his first batch of new material since 2009's 'Before I Self Destruct', he said: ''Right now I'm in the middle of recording my sixth album ... But it's as thrilling as my first.''

The rapper - whose real name is Curtis Jackson III - opened up about his work process, and explained how he usually works in the studio on Sundays in a high pressure environment.

He added: ''I go into the studio to record my music and meet my producers there. There are no windows so it's very easy to lose track of time. I could be there six hours and not even feel it ... The only break we get from recording is when we order in dinner.''

Although 50 Cent did release 'Animal Ambition' in 2014, the collection was made up of songs which had previously been brought out as singles - so it's been a long wait for fans wanting fresh material from the star.

Indeed, he's been teasing 'Street King Immortal' for more than five years, as his followers patiently wait for what may well be 50 Cent's final record.

He previously admitted: ''I want to finish with that project. I don't want to write another record after that.

''You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they're right. I have that confirmation in f***ing 35, 40 million [albums] that I already sold.''