50 Cent and Eminem are getting deep, with their new music video, featuring Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. The video for ‘My Life’ premiered on MTV yesterday and Eminem told MTV that it's one big expensive metaphor for his and Fiddy’s lives. Okay, so he didn’t use the words big or expensive but he definitely said the rest. And we reckon it was probably dead expensive, that video. It looks very slick.

“The video is kind of abstract; it's kind of metaphoric in a sense, like the paranoia of feeling like we're being chased,” says Eminem, who probably has been chased before. By police. And women. Maybe dogs. “Whether it's true or not, it's kind of how we feel. It's kind of a metaphor for us running for our lives. Personal lives and from fame, everything that goes with the game.” Ah, ‘the game.’ We love it when rappers talk about ‘the game.’ No one has a clue what they’re on about but it’s very important to them so it must be respected at all times. Compared to their collaborations in the past, ‘My Life’ is pretty personal. “Me and Fif can probably go on forever talkin' about our lives,” said Eminem, though we reckon that an MP3 that lasted “forever” probably wouldn’t sell very well, so it’s best that they didn’t do that.

In the video, 50 Cent and Eminem play a pair of fugitives on the run from the cops, who are chasing them with helicopters. The song is taken from his forthcoming album, Street King Immortal, scheduled for release in February 2013. 

You can see the trailer for the 'My Life' video here: