Despite the recent resurgence of battle rapping making it's name in popular culture once again, unfortunately these rappers battling are leaving it to the sale numbers of albums rather than the ascerbic wit, tight bars or impeccable delivery that we'd expect from hiphop artists of this calibre. 

Twitter has made the lives of entertainment writers exponentially easier and more interesting. No long do journos need to follow celebs around like a pack of lost puppies, instead we can sit back, sheltered from the harsh outdoor seasons and watch as events unfold online. Currently, the most fun feud to witness is the one between the middle weight rapper French Montana and heavyweight 50 Cent

Although many of the tweets between them have been deleted now, here are a few gems:

Oh wow, burnnnnn! Twitter can be so cryptic. You'd think with the lyrical genius caught up between these two they'd be able to be comprehensible, at the very least for the sake of the fans. If we had nothing else to go on we'd all be mighty confused by the entire 'conversation', but luckily MTV is on hand to fill us in. Apparently, French Montana made a comment about 50 Cent loving 'beef' in an interview with back in October. Fiddy did not like this, and so he started some beef. Because, as it turns out, French was right.  

One of the deleted tweets from French Montana read "@50cent if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man," which is effectively challenging 50 Cent to a battle of the albums. We're excited for both records to be honest, so as fans, everyone's a winner. Having said that, it's doubtful that these two rappers would agree.