So apparently, Timbaland (along with the rest of the world) isn’t thrilled with Lifetime’s depiction of Aaliyah’s life. The producer, who mentored Aaliyah through her rapid rise to fame has spoken out on the film, which hit cinemas on Saturday.

Alexandra Shipp
Alexandra Shipp plays the title role in the barely watchable movie.

Like any self-respecting artist these days, Timbo voiced his opinion via Twitter and Instagram, through several pictures, messages and video. First he shared a photo of the movie's poster, writing, "Hope yall not watching this!!!!!!!!"

Ok, so we know where he stands on that then. But the musician and producer, who worked with Aaliyah on a number of her hits, wasn’t about to let up. In a video he posted on Instagram sometime later, he said, point blank: "A lot of people keep asking me, am I watching that bulls--t? Evidently not. No way. Not Timbo."

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Calling it "that bulls--t Aaliyah movie," he went on to add, "This is why people should never remake movies. Bulls--t happens, bulls--t happens. Now you have to deal with the consequences."

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So was it the inaccuracy that peeved him? The writing? The acting? Well, if Timbo is anything like the rest of the internet, it was kind of a deadly combo of awful that finally got to him. The film has fast become something of a running joke online, with Variety’s review pegging it as a “near-content-free exercise that dutifully goes through the singer’s life in episodic fashion.”

In fact, getting slammed by Timbaland has probably raised more publicity for the film than the plot ever could.