Aaliyah, the Brooklyn-born R&B singer who rose to fame with her 1994 debut album 'Age Ain't Nothing but a Number', is being remembered today (25th August 2011), ten years after her tragic death. The singer, who also starred in the movie 'Romeo Must Die', was killed in a plane crash in 2001.
The singer topped the Billboard R&B Chart with singles 'Back & Forth', 'If Your Girl Only Knew' and 'Miss You'. She also achieved considerable success with several posthumous releases - as of December 2008 she had sold 8.4 million albums in the United States and over 30 million worldwide. Shortly after completing work on her self-titled third studio album, the singer and her entourage boarded a flight to Florida from the Bahamas. The aircraft was reportedly carrying more than one passenger than it was legally certified to and crashed shortly after take-off, killing Aaliyah and the eight others on board. Several stars of the R&B world have been paying tribute to the singer on Twitter, most notably, Missy Elliot who wrote, "Aaliyah til this very day u r (you are) still in your own lane! Ure music is timeless! We miss u! #WeLoveuAaliyah!" Rapper Drake tweeted, "Rip Baby Girl... in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you".
Aaliyah is listed by Billboard as the tenth most successful female R&B artist of the past 25 years.