Aaron Carter has opened up about his friendship with the late Michael Jackson and how the singer’s death affected him.

Cater, who has publicly batted an eating disorder and prescription drug abuse revealed that he feared dying when his weight dropped to just 115 pounds, the same weight Jackson was when he died in 2009.

Aaron CarterAaron Carter in April 2017

Speaking to US Weekly about one of his lowest points, Carter said: “There were times when I would get scared…I would stress out because of all the stuff going on inside of me, and then I’d lose all this weight, and then I get in a bad relationship.

“Then that s**t would stress me out, and then I would be emaciated — 115 pounds. I couldn’t believe it,” he continued. “Michael (Jackson) died at 115 pounds. It was heartbreaking.

“I love Michael, but that’s not going to be me. Look at me. Look at my transformation, in months … My health is very important. Health is very important for everybody, and I was so scared.”

Carter also revealed that he wrote a song for Jackson the day after he died.

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Describing his relationship with his family, including Backstreet Boy Nick, Carter likened it to Jackson’s relationship with his brothers. “I’m close with my siblings, but it’s not like what you think,” he explained.

“I’m close to my siblings like I am with like Michael Jackson was with his. Like that’s how I am.

"It’s weird if you think about it. I don’t know. I knew Michael very well, and he told me a lot of things that I can’t really repeat just because it would be every where.”