Having just starred together in the muscle-car thriller Need for Speed, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots team up again this week for A Long Way Down, adapted from the Nick Hornby novel. And while both films have been slated by the critics, the actors clearly enjoyed working on them. 

A Long Way DownPierce Brosnan [L], Imogen Poots [center] and Toni Collette [R] in 'A Long Way Down'

Both have spoken at length about how much fun it was to learn stunt driving skills for Need for Speed, and A Long Way Down presented another challenge: dealing with a darkly serious subject matter without getting too heavy about it. 

Poots said that what drew her to the film was its "fresh, unpredictable approach to the subject of suicide". And on the set she particularly enjoyed the four-way chemistry with costars Paul, Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette. "It was like working in a quartet," she said. 

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Meanwhile, Paul bonded with Brosnan at a Radiohead concert, where they took a notorious selfie. He loved working with the former 007, noting that "just the way he reads his newspaper exudes coolness."

Watch the A Long Way Down trailer: