Actor Aaron Paul was left panicking two days before his May (13) wedding to Lauren Parsekian, after his planner quit.

The Breaking Bad star was planning a 1920s Parisian carnival-themed ceremony, but the task proved too much for the organiser he hired to oversee the nuptials.

He explains, "It was great up until two days before the wedding and then the guy who was designing our entire wedding, he was actually the Breaking Bad designer, Michael Flowers, he bails on us... It was a 1920s Parisian carnival, so it was pretty specific."

Paul was in a frenzy, but Parsekian remained calm and the couple was able to find a last-minute replacement.

He continues, "Lauren doesn't shed a tear. She's such a strong woman. I am freaking out; I'm panicking, I'm screaming. I get on the phone, leave him (Flowers) the worst voicemail ever, saying, 'How dare you'.

"Then we call this company, Pretty Vintage... which was one block away from where we were staying and that's what they do. They rent out vintage furniture and we ended up renting out the entire store and they told us their company was actually about to go out of business and we ended up saving their business."