Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has tied the knot with long-time girlfriend Lauren Parsekian, with the two getting hitched in front for friends and family at the Los Angeles ceremony. According to People, the two married in Malibu this weekend in modest and intimate surroundings. No word on whether there was any blue meth getting handed out at the ceremony.

Paul and Parsekian first met at Coachella Music Festival in 2010, getting engaged on New Years Eve/Day in January 2012. Last year Paul gave a gushing interview to GQ about his then fiancé, explaining the whole proposal in detail. "It's this little courtyard outside of this hotel. We were just dancing to Édith Piaf by ourselves on New Year's and then I begged her to marry me," he said. "She's the greatest woman that has ever existed. No offense to other women on this planet, but she is hands down the best."

Aside from the actual wedding ceremony, the pair were spotted out in Las Vegas last week with friends, celebrating what seemed to be a pre-wedding shindig. Last weeks gathering even included a tribute to the fateful night in Paris, with the bride and groom-to be receiving their own engagement cake, with Paul's including the special message (his alleged words from the night), "My pretty bird, thank you for loving me."

Aaron Paul Lauren Parsekian SAG
Congrats guys!

Parsekian later hit up Instagram with a few snaps of the special night, including a pre-wedding snap of her getting her hair done, and what looks like a pre-honeymoon photo of her smooching with Paul with the two donning masks. Paul also posted a pre-Wedding picture on to his Instagram, featuring the bride and groom together before their big day.

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Lets hope this doesn't end like Paul's on-screen relationships have done