When Aaron Paul’s name popped up in a Need for Speed casting meeting, it’s doubtful another name was even considered. The actor has carved out a huge fan base for himself, due solely to his Grammy Award-winning portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Need for SpeedNeed for Speed is coming in Spring 2014

He’s as marketable as Breaking Bad is critically acclaimed, and the two aren’t mutually exclusive. But this project represents a risk for Paul; Need For Speed is a video game franchise being adapted for the cinema, and that doesn’t always mean guaranteed success, critically, anyway.

Need for Speed chase sceneGet set for an all-action thrill ride

The new trailer, which you can see below, at least paints a semblance of mystery in an otherwise linear scenario. Financially, the movie shouldn’t have any trouble.

Since 1994, the Need for Speed franchise has graced every console, from early handheld machines right up to current generation Xbox 360s and PS3s. This means a dedicated demographic is already in place to sock up the high octane thrills offered up.

Watch the teaser trailer for Need for Speed

So far there have been a whopping 20 games in the series. The most popular were the ‘Underground’ sub-series, which were released in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Both games scored highly with the critics, taking on the mantle of the decade’s finest racing games.

Alongside Paul stars a solid cast: Dakota Johnson, Michael Keaton, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Sir Maejor, Rami Malek, Nick Chinlund, Ramon Rodriguez, Kid Cudi, Han Soto, Carmela Zumbado, Harrison Gilbertson and Jaden Alexander.

Aaron Paul and Kid CutiAaron Paul and Kid Cuti in Need for Speed

This ensemble will have a tough job on their hands translating a fun yet linear concept onto the big screen. Fast & Furious started bringing in tanks to combat mediocrity. And it seemed to work.

Paul plays Tobey Marshall: a highly skilled driver who is bent on revenge having been wrongly imprisoned - he was framed by a wealthy businessman. But when he decides to take on a race across the country, he is stabbed in the back once more, bestowing fugitive status on him once more.

Dominic Cooper and Dakota JohnsonDominic Cooper's Dino - something tells us he's not a good guy

It’s not the most original of scripts, and it won’t offer up the same level of character development as Breaking Bad. Indeed, Jesse is one of the more fully formed puzzle pieces in the meth drama. But, following his potentially type-casting role as the small time meth-cook-cum-international manufacturer, it’s important for Paul to adopt a different on-screen persona sooner rather than later.

Also in post-production from Paul is A Long Way Down, in which he stars alongside Rosamund Pike and Pierce Brosnan. Currently filming is Exodus, which will probably be his biggest role yet. Ridley Scott’s follow up to the yet-to-be-released The Counselor stars Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley.

Aaron Paul and Dominic CooperAaron Paul - hell bent on revenge