Breaking Bad's final season has created speculation amongst fans and even the show's own writers, as to how to kill off the characters.

Vince Gilligan
The producer and creator of Breaking Bad, Vinci Gilligan, at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and AMC's celebration of the show, Lincoln Center, New York.

The eight-part final series promises high tension and the continuation of violent deaths. The inevitable possibility of ending Breaking Bad by killing off the lead character is causing the show's writers some sleepless nights. Vince Gilligan, the producer and creator, is leading the team of writers who cannot decide on how to kill off one of the show's lead characters. 

Whilst USA Today looks on, the show's writers suggest death by shooting, simply running them over or returning (not for the first time in the show's history) to death by acid. This does not concern the terminally ill Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) but a character in the fourth episode of the upcoming eight-part season. 

After five years of writing and numerous deaths, the writers are struggling to come up with an original way of killing. It sounds like a healthy sort of work environment...

Meanwhile, as the show's ending draws ever nearer it's the possible fates of the main characters are setting internet chat rooms and forums ablaze. 

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and AMC's celebration of Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul plays Jesse Pinkman, Walter's former student and assistant in his meth business. He claimed, speaking to USA Today, the actors are constantly on tenterhooks, concerned they may be killed off at any time. He said "almost every episode, every year, you had to rush through the script to see if you were killed."

The two lead actors, appearing on the Breaking Bad panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, discussed their roles in the last season (as reported by the Boston Globe). Paul spoke of the rift forming between his character and Walter White: "he wants to stay as far away from Walt as possible. Walt's true colours were definitely revealed to him towards the end of the last season, he's terrified of this man". Whether or not Jesse Pinkman will be able to stay away from his employer is another matter. We do not, however, have long to wait to find out as premiere of the final series of Breaking Bad airs on Sunday 11th August.

Breaking Bad's final season will begin on Sunday on AMC at 9pm. 

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and AMC's celebration of Breaking Bad.