As fan theories go this one has definitely got its convincing elements. Donna Dickens over at has come up with an extremely intricate (and well spotted) theory that has led her to believe AMC’s Breaking Bad was intended as a prequel to the network’s apocalyptic zombie series The Walking Dead. Dickens’ theory is built upon a series of remarkable ‘coincidences’ between the two series. So what evidence had she presented to back up her claims?

the walking dead prequelDid Blue Sky do this?

The first link between the two series is allegedly found in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. When T-Dog is taken down with a fever and needs antibiotics, Daryl produces his older brother Merle’s ‘medicinal’ supplies. At the bottom of the plastic bag containing the assortment of drugs is a blue crystal like substance. To the casual observer there’s nothing exciting to spot there, except Dickens has suggested that the blue crystals are in fact Blue Sky, the meth produced by Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad. Perhaps the bag of drugs was just a left over prop from the show, or a nod to AMC’s recently concluded series?

Exhibit B is the appearance of the Dodge Challenger, which first appeared in Breaking Bad when Skylar and Walt discuss the vehicle. Skylar tells Walt to speak to the general manager, who’s name is, wait for it...Glenn! OK, so that means nothing unless you know that exactly the same car crops up in The Walking Dead, used as an escape vehicle by...Glenn! OK, so we’re pretty sure that The Walking Dead’s Glenn wasn’t a general manager in New Mexico, but hey, there’s no harm in speculation.

Breaking Bad
Did Jesse Pinkman sell Merle the blue crystals which were in his medicine stash?

The most recent evidence that Dickens presents in her theory is a conversation between Daryl and Beth. Daryl is explaining to Beth where his brother Merle (the one who had the mysterious blue substance) used to get his supply. ‘Merle has this dealer. This janky little white guy...he pulls a gun, sticks it right here. He says “I’m gonna kill you, bitch.”’ OK, so we admit this one definitely sounds a little more than coincidence, particularly because of the blatant use of Jesse Pinkman’s favourite word. And the whole ‘janky little white guy’ drug dealer thing. So, either Walk and Jesse’s Blue Sky is the culprit for the zombie infestation, the action of Breaking Bad happened in the same world as The Walking Dead, or The Walking Dead writers are just giving a little nod towards their fellow network show.

We aren’t entirely convinced that Breaking Bad is the prequel to The Walking Dead.  Consider that Disney often drops in little allusions to its other films, it seems more like The Walking Dead writers are sharing an inside joke than anything else.  I wonder if they thought that their joke would ever be sussed out?

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